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    Buying Property in Gambia & Best Advice For Potential Property Investors

    Buying property in Gambia is safe however precautions must be taken to avoid problems.

    If you know Gambia well, you will undoubtedly know of someone who has a property horror story to tell. Therefore, our advice is always appoint a good solicitor. If you don’t know one, we can recommend one based on other buyers positive feedback.

    Above all, Purchasers want a hassle free transaction. Therefore, if you follow these Best Advice Guidelines you can save yourself any stress.

    1. Do not under any circumstances part with your cash until title has been verified and sales contract agreed and signed by both parties. 10% deposit on signing is common practice.
    2. Appoint a good solicitor to act on your behalf.
    3. Do not be tempted to cut purchasing expenses by using sellers solicitor if offered. Its a conflict of interest. If the solicitor is representing the seller, they are not representing your interests. Should anything go wrong in transaction you may struggle to remedy the situation.
    4. Work with a reputable well established real estate agency.

    Two Types of Property Title Sales in Gambia

    Customary Tenure is property that is registered with Alkalo (local village Chief) and Governing Council for that area. Many people refer to this type of property as freehold but it is not. All land in Gambia is deemed leased by the Government. Customary Tenure purchases can be safe providing the correct processes are followed when purchasing. This process has improved greatly over the past 10 years. Thus reducing the number and risk of mis-sold properties but it is vital to take a solicitor.

    Leasehold is property which would of been customary tenure in the past. But since leased and registered via Banjul lands office. Leasehold title is deemed more secure and often preferred by non Gambian investors.

    Costs associated with purchasing property in Gambia may vary but this is a guide for example.

    Leasehold Properties

    1. Agreed purchase price.
    2. Plus additional 5% of purchase price for stamp duty taxes.
    3. Approximately 2.5% for legal fees (varies depending on solicitors own rates).

    Customary Tenure Properties

    1. Agreed purchase price.
    2. Plus 2.5% legal fees (varies depending on solicitors own rates).
    3. Administration costs (varies depending on terms of sale agreement).

    Most importantly, Buying Property In Gambia is safe providing necessary precautions are taken.

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