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Gambia Property is not a real estate agency.
Gambia Property is a dedicated advertising site where advertisers can market properties directly to potential clients for a fee.
Therefore buyers are advised to seek reputable legal advice prior to entering into any sales transaction as ownership documents are not verified.
If you prefer a traditional real estate agency to market your property, manage enquiries, viewings and provide support from marketing through to completion of transaction then visit Gambia Property Shop one of the most reputable real estate agents in Gambia operating since 2007.  






Land for Sale in Gambia

Land for Sale in Gambia. To buy a plot of land in Gambia you need a trustworthy real estate agency.  We are specialists in the Gambia property market since 2007. With a stellar reputation as the Gambia real estate agency you can trust.

When looking to purchase any land in Gambia it is essential you know what is required. But most of all that you don’t rush into any transactions. We have a sound knowledge of the paperwork and perform clients checks with documents where possible. Even before buying to reduce the risk of future problems occurring.

Houses for Sale in Gambia

Houses for Sale in Gambia. Contact the Property Shop. We offer a wide range of Gambia houses for sale. Including residential properties, like houses, storey buildings and bungalows. But also villas with or without swimming pool. 

From studios to apartments, furnished and unfurnished, we always follow the right legal procedures for trustworthy documents. The Property Shop is here for you all the way to the first steps into your dream home..


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